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They grant the wishes of children who are medically eligible as verified by our panel of doctors (they have to be suffering from a life-threatening medical condition), and have to be between the age of 3 – 18 yrs. old. Selection is depends on their medical condition, regardless of race, gender, socio economic status, nationality (as long as they are residents in Malaysia). They will use the money donated from SmallWorld to grant 3 – 4 wishes in the next couple of months. "On behalf of Make-A-Wish foundation, please accept our sincerest thanks for the generous donation, to help us in our mission to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions in Malaysia" – Datin Hussain, Chairperson.

Make a wish foundation - Malaysia

Underprivileged Children's Educational Programs (UCEP)-Bangladesh is a leading national NGO working for the gradual elimination of child labor and poverty in the society. The donation of SmallWorld will be used for the socio-economic development of the working children through UCEP programs. A large number of children will be provided integrated general and vocational education, skills training and employment support with the donated money.

Underprivileged Children's Educational Programs(UCEP) - Bangladesh

Success for Kids, Inc. (SFK), an international non-profit organization, is dedicated to empowering at-risk children and adolescents to become resilient, productive citizens by delivering innovative research-based programs that enhance four personal strengths (interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, problem solving skills and self-sufficiency) and give students a greater sense of purpose in their lives. This grant will be used to pay the salaries of our 4 teachers, which ascend to USD $5,000 per month, and materials for the classrooms for one month and administrative cost for of our organizations, such as rent, utilities, office supplies. "On behalf of the SFK team and the 1300 children receiving the SFK social emotional learning program this year wihtin 9 schools on one of the red zones of Panama City, I thank you again for choosing us to receive a grant fom the SmallWorld UAE event."

Ana Cristina Guizado, Executive Director, Success for Kids – Panama

Our philosophy is based on the idea that all children and young people should receive protection and education opportunities in order to ensure a better future for them, our society and to improve the quality of life for future generations. Therefore, Sociedad de Salas de Asilo promotes education, health, counselling, nutrition, artistic and cultural programs as a way to help these children in economic and social vulnerability have a life project, be responsible for their actions, respectful and committed to taking care of the environment. "On behalf of Sociedad de Salas de Asilo´s children and staff, I would like to thank the SmallWorld committee, volunteers, sponsors and all the people who made this event possible, for the recently support received. It is a real honour for us to have been beneficiaries of this great event as it represents an important moment in the 106 years of continuous work of our institution, always working in favour of children and young people in Bogotá, Colombia. Again, we are really happy and thankful with SmallWorld. We now consider you as our friends! It's nice to know that there are no boundaries when comes to help our children, our worlds future." – Maria El Vira Cuervo, Executive Director, Sociedad de Salas de Asilo The funds received from SmallWorld will help us bring more protection and education opportunities to around 200 children from low-income families in our city. With your support, we have been able to start a new project aimed at providing a new service in one of our locations. The main objective is to complement the services currently provided to children.

Sociedad de Salas de Asilo - Columbia

The Lebanese Autism Society runs non profit-making specialized classes for autistic children. Providing solutions: educational services and means for an early intervention. "We would like to thank you again for your initiative in providing the Lebanese Autism Society with funds. With your help, we were able to serve a bigger population by providing them the appropriate intervention." – Arwa El-Amine Halawi, President, Lebanese Autism Society-LAS, The LAS having different on-going projects divides the incoming funds depending on the need. The funds from your organization were allocated to the early intervention and diagnosis center (CDIP). In fact, these funds were used to cover a part of speech therapy & psychomotor therapy sessions especially that some parents are not able to pay the total amount which causes a large deficit.

Lebanese Autism Society - Lebanon

The aim of TESYEV is to assist the 8.5 million handicapped in Turkey to become part in the social life as happy and self-reliant individuals by creating access to education sources like the unhandicapped and joining sportive events. The Foundation supports disabled younger children with medical rehabilitation and through audiology testing handing appropriate audiology devices. In addition, orthotics, prosthetics, wheelchairs and surgical support is given, plus scholarship is given to successful high school and college students. In addition, TESYEV supported the organization of some education programs in primary schools. The education program is about "Disability and Paralympic Games" and the project's aim is to raise awareness of able-bodied children about disability and Paralympic Games. Above mentioned donations and supports are done since 12 years for disabled children in need and will continue. SmallWorld's valuable donation will be used for the operation and health materials of an 8-year girl called Zeynep NAMLI.

TESYEV - Turkey

As a non-profit charity organization established in 2000, Naregatsi Art Institute defines its mission and its raison d'erre in terms of its commitment to serving arts, promoting artists working in different genres of artistic endeavor, and targets both established artists and newly-emerging artists in need of promotion, as well as artists with disabilities in need of social integration and recognition. In line with all of this, the activities of the institute also focus on the wellbeing and education of children reflected in some of the projects carried out by us. "On behalf of Naregatsi Art Institute and myself, I am writing to extend my thanks and gratitude to the SmallWorld UAE for the grant that was generously provided to Naregatsi Art Institute." – Nareg Hartounian, Founder, Naregatsi Art Institute. The fund granted will help us pursue our cultural and social mission further, and will allow us to further finance some of our cultural projects we have designed for children. In as much as your grant is a considerable financial support for our institute, it is first and foremost a sign of appreciation of our vision which encourages us to move on further with a greater confidence and enthusiasm. The grant donated by the SmallWorld UAE will help us finance further the activities of the Naregatsi Folk Instruments Ensemble, and the art classes in Shushi by thereby also contributing to their uninterrupted pursuance.

Naregatsi Art Institute - Armenia