Who we are

SmallWorld is a foundation that supports the children causes around the globe, we focus on children because they don’t have a voice. Every child has the right to exist, to live in a healthy environment to grow and to participate as an active citizen in society, where children can develop and realize their full potential. We support the children of the world by providing education through rehabilitation programs, academicals education, alternative learning, we also build libraries and nurseries as well as provide computers and learning programs. We believe that children are our hope for a better future; we support their education because we understand the importance of having a skill so that they are able to live independently free from abuse. After the completion of every project we get reports, pictures and videos. In addition our team members conduct visits to the charities that we support globally.

Our Challenge

Making sure that all the funds reach the right people and serving the right purpose, although we do select accountable and credible charities we still follow up with them step by step, and watch them closely to make sure that each child benefits from our donations.This year our aim is to LIBERATE & EDUCATE. We are going to support some of the children who are suffering from exploitation and provide them either with education or help them acquire a skill, which in turn will help them lead a better life.

Our Vision

To create an international network of people, with its base in the UAE, to provide the backbone support for underprivileged children globally.

Our Mission

To support children causes in the region and around the world through raising funds and awareness, all while building a culture of bringing people together under the umbrella of education, entertainment and philanthropy.

Our Objectives

Bringing people from different backgrounds together under the umbrella of culture, diversity and philanthropy. Promoting UAE in a positive light wherever SmallWorld reaches. Raising awareness about children causes and raising funds to support the underprivileged children around the world in the name of the UAE.

Our Values

Credibility, Transparency, Trustworthiness and always coming out with tangible results. In addition to the above we must mention the valuable input of the Red Crescent on working with the President of SmallWorld to carefully select the appropriate credible charities for each year and guarantee that the funds are well spent. Additionally, we must mention the efforts of the selected charities in following up closely with us, and sometimes even amending their work to suit our requirements. Last but not least, we must point out the volunteers' passion and force, which makes of SmallWorld a bigger success every year.