2012 Achievements

13 charity organizations

Providing children a chance to live a decent life, filled with hope for the future.

Support through:


  Education & Vocational Training

  • In Egypt, Smallworld provided vocational training courses to 10 underprivileged children in the following skills: Mechanics, Carpentry, Accessory                                     Making & Hairdressing, to help open future job opportunities for them.
  • In Columbia, Smallworld provided vocational training courses to 7 children in the following skills: Integral Coiffure, Food Manipulation, Finance,                                     Accounting and Music, to develop practical skills for when they are ready to take an active role in the society and be competent in the labor                                               market.
  • In Aangan- India, SmallWorld helped prepare 288 children for enrolling in public schools by providing them with vocational and semi-educational                                    courses.
  • In Italy, funding provided by Smallworld has sponsored 10 children to help them attend the school's year 2012/2013 and enroll them in different                                       schools.
  • In Bangladesh, 27 children who are victims of either abandoned parents or family disintegration, benefited from SmallWorld’s Vocational Training                                 & Non-formal Education support.
  • SmallWorld sponsored 3 children in Jordan, for two consecutive years, by giving them the chance to get their education, and protect them from all                                  kinds of exploitation that they may be exposed to.
  • In Lebanon, the funds donated from SmallWorld has helped support and educate 17 children, for the period of one year, enabling them through                                       training and education, and reinforcing the educative role of their families in the lives of these children.
  • In Mexico, SmallWorld helped 34 children get their education as well as acquire a skill that will help them in the future lead to a normal, happy and                                 secured life.
  • In Panama, SmallWorld sponsored 5 children and helped them get proper education, in order to secure their future and make a successful career.
  • In the Philippines, funding provided by SmallWorld sponsored 12 children and helped them get education in schools and supported many of them                                   throughout college education.
  • In the UAE, SmallWorld, and in collaboration with EWA’A, has initiated a child education department that is responsible for educating the                                                 victims of human trafficking.
  • In Ukraine, SmallWorld has given the chance to 17 children from various ages to get education for five to six years depending on their age.
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      Health & Medical Care

  • In Italy, Smallworld has helped improve health conditions of 10 children by organizing some works to toilets and septic fosses for the houses of                                       the children supported.
  •   Skills Developed

  • Developing physical, intellectual and emotional skills.
  • Interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and self-sufficiency.
  • Decision making and problem- solving skills for the children.
  •   Preventions Areas

  • Exposure to drugs, gangs, prostitution.
  • Child labor and child abuse.
  • Poverty, exploitation and violence.
  • Feelings of anguish, hopelessness, and worthlessness.